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We built Capital Elements Blueprint as an "on-demand" relationship portal that combines the power of financial coaching, community-based learning, and virtual advisor engagements.

Don't just have a Financial Dream
Have a Financial Plan

We help you create a holistic financial plan to cover what’s important to you. We aim to help you create a foundation for your financial security, providing comfort and stability for your family and loved ones.

Independent Fiduciary

Establish yourself financially, secure coverage, and maintain it even if you change jobs or lose coverage.

One platform for all your personal financial needs

Provide income replacement to preserve your family's lifestyle. Actionable Personal Insights 

Self Paced, Tech-Driven, Convenient

We provided families with protection for generations. When you choose us you have expert guidance.

Our Vision

what we do for you

We are on a mission to make financial planning and advice accessible to all, irrespective of income levels. How you start in life shouldn't matter.

What will determine your future will be the thoughtful small decisions you continue to make as your life evolves.

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Financial Discipline

We provide you with a simple, better, and easy-to-understand personal financial planning experience designed to help you budget, save, spend and invest to achieve your financial goals.


We strive to help you control your money and avoid impulsive decisions that affect your future. 


MyBlocks is a self-service solution, let your clients discover real-time answers and visualize their financial future on-demand.

Actionable Insights

We understand that today's financial services landscape is complex and difficult to navigate.


You need actionable insights that enable you to take the small steps to create a path to achieve your financial dreams.


Our certified professionals guide you with insights and link you to solutions from leading industry players.

Strategic Execution

All plans need small and actionable steps to be executed for them to be a reality.


We are building Capital Elements as an "on-demand" relationship portal that combines the power of financial coaching, community-based learning, and virtual advisor engagements.


You get a pulse check for where they are today, and we provide the actionable steps for today to achieve your financial goals.

Our Process - How We Help


Our education platform is designed to democratize financial planning and create a frictionless flow of knowledge to ensure you get clarity about your economic well-being.


Our engagement process is guided via a structured framework to understand your financial elements. We focus on all your life stages, goals, needs, wants, and aspirations.


Your financial future is a product of resources earmarked today. We thoroughly analyze
various elements in your financial plan and earmark resources into each block to create
your desired impact.


We know that financial freedom doesn’t necessarily come from detailed planning but consistent execution. We engage you
quarterly to keep the momentum needed to achieve your dreams.


We help you elevate your thinking so that you can elevate your life. We maintain an ongoing monitoring process to be an advocate for your career, financial, and personal success.

All-in-One Solution
to Manage Personal Finances

Financial planning shouldn’t be intimidating. We offer fun, easy to understand and interactive modules to be done on your own time, at your own pace

  • A holistic view of your yearly income sources
  • Auto-generated budgets based on the average spending to help you manage spending
  • Up-to-date information and the ability to better control your financial activities
  • Feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future 
  • Navigate the complexity of financially moving at all stages of your life

Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, We have the tools that are easy, useful, and relevant to your personal goals.

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