Why We Started Capital Elements

Capital Elements was founded with a mission to “democratize access to financial planning” and to provide structured solutions to all individuals irrespective of the level of income.

We believe that each individual is unique, and our process is based on the approach that each individual needs a unique plan to achieve their aspirations.

Making long-term plans financing the way you want to live your life takes time and is an area most financial planners do not address unless the client is a High Net Worth Individual. At Capital Elements, we created our core offering “The Blueprint” to address this problem and are committed to providing financial planning solutions that positively impact all individuals irrespective of income level and without any obligation.

Democratizing access to financial planning

Our Vision

To be the driving force of democratizing financial planning and empower every family


Our Mission

To enhance access to Financial Planning and Wealth Management for all, irrespective of the level of income

Be true to our values and create innovative and responsible solutions to empower those we serve and create a pathway to financial independence and achieve life goals doing what they love

We do this by developing partnerships and collaborations to create the best solutions for our clients and deliver them through innovative technologies

Our Values

Our fiduciary services to clients are driven by:

  • Passion for excellence
  • Courage to ask hard questions
  • Commitment to take the long-term journey
  • Curiosity to identify client goals
  • Structure and deliver uncommon solutions
  • Strength to be candid and give real feedback

The biggest cost for a financial advisor is the “time” factor. Hence most financial firms dedicate relationships after a certain “asset base” is achieved

In today’s remote first world we believe in using technology to connect with experts that can help you without any geographic restriction. Our objective is to provide you with both the guidance and the tools to secure your financial future without putting life on hold.

Without proper guidance, most individuals make uninformed hasty financial decisions that lead to costly inefficiencies, At Capital Elements we want to change that and be a driving force to democratize financial planning and wealth management solutions.

We believe there are various “elements” that need to be considered in making a holistic and realistic plan that can “secure your financial security and freedom”.

Our objective as advisors is to look at the unique needs of each individual and devise a strategy that can help you identify “elements” that can help you achieve your goals, create peace of mind, and ultimately find fulfillment.

Providing meaningful financial planning services can not be done via a few conversations or recommending a few products and/or services. Our engagement process will be continuous.

Financial services have complicated over the years and there are so many offerings with so little guidance. Our process is designed to help our members engage with us in deep and sometimes uncomfortable conversations to discover your real aspirations.

Then we bring in the “duty of a fiduciary” to execute a game plan that fits you.

You can access the portal 24*7*365 and all your questions will be answered within 2 business days

Fiduciary Duty: Your best interest always comes first. We are your advisor and have a “duty to our client” and not to the financial service provider you may want to engage.

Why choose us


We educate you and undertake a deep discovery process to define your life goals and aspirations. We take time to understand and explain what these aspirations mean to you, your family and create a framework to fit your needs


We help you look at the world today as it is and understand longevity. We first define the basic "Needs" over your whole life to ease unexpected hardships and structure more detailed solutions to address "wants' and "wishes" that are in your aspirations


Plans are good, but they are often stationary. We believe that taking small steps and creating momentum to achieve is crucial to attaining financial freedom. We help you develop an "outcomes" based saving, investment, and lifestyle strategy.


We help you implement your blueprint to achieve the intended results. In life there is nothing that is certain, and neither will a one-time blueprint. We allow you to track your goals, update them as necessary and create an ongoing review process ensuring that appropriate solutions are delivered to you at the appropriate time

Ready to take first step towards achieving financial freedom?