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Guardianship Designations

Guardianship designations are a crucial starting point for parents with no will or estate plan. This ensures that there is a plan in place for your children in case something unfortunate happens.


We encourage you to look at a financial plan to help with your child's expenses and have a structured conversation with your selected guardians to understand their view of such an obligation.

Medical Directive

A medical directive provides general healthcare instructions in an unfortunate situation where you become incapacitated and/or unable to make such decisions.


You also choose who would make such decisions for you so your loved ones don't need to seek authority from a court.

Durable Power of Attorney

A power of attorney document designates someone to act on your behalf as an agent to manage your financial and personal affairs.


Generally, you are free to choose any adult that you trust to be your agent. This can include your spouse, an adult child, an attorney, a friend, or another family member.

Living Will

A type of advance directive that lists a person's wishes about medical treatment, including your personal preferences for end-of-life care in situations where reasonable recovery expectations don't exist.


.A will is a legal document that allows you to control the distribution of all your property and belongings at death and to express other final wishes. Without a valid will, one's property will be distributed through the state-based intestacy laws.


Trusts are used to transfer assets by gift or bequest. A trust allows the property's owner to set the terms by which the assets will be managed, distributed, and used, even long after the original owner of the property has died. Certain trust structures offer income and transfer tax benefits.

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    Additional Disclaimer on Legacy Planning:

    Capital Elements DOES NOT provide or charge for legal services.

    Our legacy planning services outline various strategies that will best fit your financial plan, and this understanding is a productive first step in your estate plan strategy.

    We work with various corporate trustees and estate planning specialists, including attorneys and CPAs with whom an introduction can be made, or work with your existing service providers to minimize your estate’s administrative burden and maximize the value distributed to your loved ones and the organizations you cherish.