Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning for
All Stages in Life

All-in-One Solution
to Manage Personal Finances

Financial planning shouldn’t be intimidating. We offer fun, easy to understand and interactive modules to be done on your own time, at your own pace

  • A holistic view of your yearly income sources
  • Auto-generated budgets based on the average spending to help you manage spending
  • Up-to-date information and the ability to better control your financial activities
  • Feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future 
  • Navigate the complexity of financially moving at all stages of your life

Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, We have the tools that are easy, useful, and relevant to your personal goals.


What Do You Really Care About

We help you define and prioritize Goals and help put your financial decisions into perspective. Our platform enables you to define and prioritize your Goals into Needs, Wants, and Wishes and create a structured process to fund them.

Money Guide
Play Zone®

Interact with Your Lifestyle

Using sliders, this unique interactive feature allows you to vary plan elements that are within your control, e.g., retirement age, goals, and savings, and immediately see the impact


Manage Long-Term Expectations

What Are You Afraid of? This module is a dynamic presentation feature allowing you to plan for factors outside of anyone’s control and answer tough questions with the move of a simple slider.


Bring the Detail When You Need It

Map out your retirement years with the Retirement Cash Flow Chart. The chart plots out the various goals, options, surpluses, and shortfalls that can happen over the life of the plan, based on your plan inputs.

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We built Capital Elements Blueprint as an "on-demand" relationship portal that combines the power of financial coaching, community-based learning, and virtual advisor engagements.

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