Startup Founders and Employees

Startup Founders & Employees

As a founder or early-stage employee of a startup, the equity/equity-linked compensation is likely to be one of the greatest financial assets you own.

Founding or working for an early-stage entity is an amazing opportunity. You are likely to be involved in the cutting-edge of innovation that is shaping the future of your industry.

While there is common knowledge that startup opportunities are mixed the learning curve you will experience is going to be a key differentiator for your career and future income generation in addition to the possibility of getting a windfall profit if the company is successful.

However, let’s not forget that a majority of startups fail and less than 1% of startups raise venture capital. As founders of tech startups ourselves, we at Capital Elements understand the unique financial planning challenges one needs to navigate.

Why work with us

At Capital Elements, we specialize in the complexities of financial planning for startup founders and employees, and our goal is to be peers in networking, learning, and growing as startups while sharing out expertise on financial planning and on managing and protecting your current and future income.

Optimizing the financial strategies of share is the most powerful thing you can do to protect your life-long sufficiency and legacy. We work with start-up founders and employees at all stages of the company life cycle, from assisting the new business owner with establishing a sound financial foundation to ensuring smooth business succession and transition into an exit.

Our Services - Startup Ecosystem

  • Equity Comp Tax Planning
  • Company Analysis
  • Equity Comp Buy, Hold, and Sale Strategy Creation
  • Comprehensive Goal Planning
  • A dedicated, expert advisor

strategy development

Specific topics for Startup Founders & Employees

Startup Equity 101

Understand private company equity ownership and how to incorporate it into your financial plan.

Stock Options

We help you model the returns of ISOs and NQSOs with various timing scenarios, Rate of Return assumptions mapped to start & expiration years.

Liquidity Events

Exciting but overwhelming times? Let us help you understand how and when to exercise your stock, your tax implications, and strategies to optimize returns.

Restricted Stock

Robust analysis of RSUs integrating them into your overall plan with exercise scenarios or cash receipt schedules comparing the results of various assumed rates of return.

Tender Offers

Tender offers come with many regulations and limited timeframes. We are here to independently advise you as a personal CFO to ensure you make an informed decision to best fit your life goals.

QSBS / Section 1202

Section 1202 Stock better known as QSBS is very restrictive but very generous section in the tax code that be of benefit to early stage companies if structured right.

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